Frequently Asked Questions


Q:How many numbers/letters can I put on the front a leader tag?
A: 5 numbers/letters on the front and 4 on the back.

Q: Can I send a list of numbers to be printed?
A: Yes, you can. If you can send it to me in an excel file it will be a help a lot.

Q: Do I have to buy a new applicator when I change from using a brass tip male to a plastic tip male
A: No, just change your applicator pin for the correct brand of tag you use.

Q: Which male you recommend? The plastic one or the one with the brass point?
A: That is a personal choice. They are both equal in strength. It also depends on what you want to tags. The brass tip male work better in older animals, while the plastic male work fantastic in in young animals. The other factor is the price. The plastic one is cheaper than the brass.

Q: Can I send you unprinted leader tags which I used once and took out of the sheep’s ear to be printed?
A: Yes, but make sure they are very clean with no oily residue on the printing side otherwise the foil won’t stick. Wash with very warm water and Dettol. There will be a couple that won’t print because of the lanoline of the wool.

Q: Can I send you the tags I bought at my Co-op for you to print?
A: Yes

Q: How many digits can you print on a sheep male tag and how many on a sheep female?
A: 7 on a male and I prefer to print the number on the male. Maximum 5 letters on the female. If we have to print numbers on the female no more than 3,because the number head damage the head of the female.

Q: Do I pay per number that is printed?
A: No, per row